Sheet music

The following free sheet music downloads are taken from materials that I have arranged from original 18th-century sources for various of my CD recordings, and are made available for study according to the ‘Conditions for Users’ set out on their title-pages. These are arrangements of orchestral and other scores, and are not intended as critical performing editions.

Anonymous [c.1764]: Lord Exeter’s Minuet
Thomas Erskine 1732-1781: Two Minuets
  Earl of Kelly The Duchess of Gordon’s Minuet
  Lord Stanley’s Minuet

Music (mp3)

The following sound files are taken from CDs of harpsichord and organ music that I have recorded at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, by kind permission of The Marquess of Cholmondeley.

George Frideric Handel: Bourée (from Il Pastor Fido)
1685-1759 (arranged for harpsichord by Gerald Gifford)
Anonymous 17th-century: Resonet in Laudibus
  (played on a chamber organ)